The tasks facing us and the nearest goal

Our Main Targets.

Clear the Sea From Plastic

More than 8 million tons of plastic annually falls into the oceans. Plastic kills all life in water slowly but inevitably.

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Recycle Plastic to Fuel

There is a technology of pure processing of plastic into fuel, carbon, clean water and gas. This technology pays off quickly.

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Your Profitable Donations

So, what is the essence of our proposals? The initial and all subsequent lots are divided into units. We divide the cost ...

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News About Us

Today 2019-05-19 we are not alone. Gentlemen, we invite you to take part in a simple and noble cause of professional cleaning of the Earth’s oceans from carbon-containing pollution (primarily from plastic pollution). The processing of this deadly for all living things and, above all, for a person on Earth, garbage into excellent and expensive types of fuel in an absolutely environmentally friendly way as developed. This technology so far no has been applied. Details of our crowdfunding you can read on this site. We do not ask for big donations, on the contrary, we will create a cheap and completely safe line for processing all carbon-containing waste into high-quality fuel and even try to put the pilot plant on a small vessel. It does not require large expenditures, and the benefits will be right from the moment of your generous donation to the common cause. This site will immediately become part of your business and we will work for your prosperity and growth, for your well-being. And you will get the dividends. Everything that we do will be yours. And you will get very not bad dividends. You will help yourself and above all to your children, who will enjoy, as we all do, the beauties of the LIVE ocean, and not the stench of a lifeless desert. Our latest technology for producing biofuels from waste through multi-stage decomposition and oxidation allows the production of biofuels from plastic (and this is the best option of the highest utilization) of municipal solid waste, as well as from sewage and polluted water. The technology is a method of multistage pyrolysis, decomposition, and deacidification, which can be used for a wide range of applications, in particular conversion of waste into biofuels, heat, and electricity, depending on the needs of the customer. We have unusually improved the modular system capable of processing any carbon-containing waste, both household and industrial, including rubber and plastic waste, as well as sludge to produce various types of synthetic fuel, heat, electricity, technical and distilled water. When processing only three cubic meters of plastic per hour, the base model is capable of producing up to 270 liters of high-quality synthetic fuel (kerosene, gasoline with an octane rating of 98, super diesel) and 380 kW / h of electricity.

Our Team & What We Will Do

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Global MP Crewing

Global MP Crewing

This is a job site for seafarers.

Are you have order? We have experience. We together have worldwide resources. Welcome to the one team. Your choice is based on results...

Type of Small Vessel We Need

Type of Small Vessel We Need

This Vessel Will Have Special Complex

The first such vessel in the world will be small on board the vessel we will work on setting up the complex and its servicing system. This vessel will not need fuel, electricity, or wash water from the shore. All this and energy for its operation will be provided by the on-board complex

Plan of the Special Complex

Plan of the Special Complex

From This Complex We Will Get Diesel & Gasoline

The complex will process plastic and, in general, all carbon-containing garbage floating in the sea into excellent fuel in an absolutely safe, quiet and non-toxic way to the environment. The idea is simple. We will put such a complex on board the ship...

How Complex Will Look Like

How Complex Will Look Like

It will Be Mobile Small & Powerful Complex

From 1000 kilograms of simple plastic pollution we will have 700 kilograms of fuel (30 kilograms of diesel fuel, 25 kilograms of gasoline, and 15 kilograms of fuel oil) we will produce from one ton of garbage; another 15 kilograms it will be pure industrial coke.

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Our White Paper

About our structure, preliminary calculations, way of work & more

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Alex and Andrew find tons of plastic in the ocean

Canada Shipowners & Crewing Agencies

Notice: In order to work on Canadian ships, seafarers must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada and hold Transport Canada-issued Certificates of Competency.