4ocean Community Cleanup Events | Josh Rosen Joins Daytona Beach Cleanup

Pro footballer Josh Rosen joins the 4ocean Community Cleanups Team for a beach cleanup in Daytona, Florida. Learn more at https://4ocean.com.

Did you know that around 90% of all plastic in the ocean comes from a land-based source? Or that plastic can absorb toxins from the surrounding environment? Once plastic enters the ocean, it gets brittle and breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastic. These pieces of plastic are smaller than a single grain of rice, but they pose an enormous threat to the ocean and marine life—even people.

Microplastic is easily mistaken for food by animals at the bottom of the food chain. Researchers have already found it in plankton and shellfish. The toxins absorbed by the plastic bioaccumulate, or build up in the fatty tissues of the animals that consume them. Each time a predator consumes prey, the prey’s toxic load is passed onto the predator. These toxins become more concentrated in animals higher up the food chain in a process called biomagnification. Many of the seafood species we consume are impacted by this, though more research is needed to determine the human impact.

“It’s kind of demoralizing. To clean up this square foot will take probably take like 30 minutes,” says Josh Rosen as he helps pick up microplastics on Daytona Beach. “It’s a bit intimidating to go out on the beach and pick up trash on your own. It’s a lot more comfortable to come out and partake in something like this as a community. The more that these [cleanups] can go on around the world and the country, the better.”

More than 600 cleanup participants, including Josh, pulled 481.5 pounds of trash from Daytona Beach. At each cleanup, we tally how many of the most common single-use plastic items we find. At Daytona Beach, we found 73 plastic utensils, 152 plastic and styrofoam cups, 277 plastic bottles, 415 plastic bags, 453 plastic straws, 834 bottle caps, and 5,325 cigarette butts.

Cleaning up plastic and trash during events like this prevent it from entering the ocean where it can cause even more damage. Check out our cleanup event calendar to find a 4ocean Community Cleanup near you: https://4ocean.com/pages/cleanups-event-calendar

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