4ocean Has Officially Pulled 10 Million Pounds!

We’re beyond stoked to announce that we’ve officially pulled our 10 MILLIONTH POUND of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines!

Can you believe it? We can! Because we have supporters like you all over the world helping us make this happen day after day. Every powerful movement begins with the actions of individuals striving for change, individuals who refuse to be intimidated by the enormity of their goal and take steps every day to achieve it, no matter how small they may seem in the moment. Reaching 10 million pounds pulled is proof that small acts really do add up!

We can’t thank you enough for the love, support, and encouragement you’ve shown us on this journey. Absolutely none of what we do would be possible without you. Thank you, a thousand times, a million times, 10 million times, thank you! We’re not even close to finished.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about our new 4ocean Upcycling program and 4ocean Plastic. All sorts of new stuff is on the way!


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