4ocean Inspiring Stories | Collina Strada Rocks 4ocean Recycled Glass Beads at New York Fashion Week

Hillary Taymour used 4ocean beads to design a dress for her fashion label, Collina Strada, and raise awareness about unsustainability in the fashion industry. Learn more about the ocean plastic crisis at https://4ocean.com.

While New York Fashion Week isn’t known for championing sustainability, some designers, like Hillary Taymour, are using the platform to raise awareness about the environment. The Collina Strada Fall 2019 collection was named “Low Carbon Diet” and focused on the idea of doing better for the planet.

The “Low Carbon Diet” collection was made of 75% deadstock fabrics, or surplus from a fabric mill’s production run, that is unwanted or needed by the designer or brand that originally commissioned the fabric. Models walked the runway with 4ocean Reusable Bottles designed to match their outfits as well as glass containers full of food to highlight the importance of reducing our consumption of single-use plastics because of how damaging they can be to the environment.

Her closing piece was a bluish-pink dress that incorporated around 300 of 4ocean’s clear glass beads, which are used in the production of all our bracelets. Our bracelets’ cords are also made from recycled PET bottles. Our bracelets have achieved the GreenCircle Audit seal, which means GreenCircle has verified that all our the cords and beads used to make our bracelets are made with recycled plastic and glass that our employees have removed from the ocean.

Taymour has been upfront about the fact that neither she nor her fashion label are as sustainable as she’d like to be—but she’s working on it. “I want to make choices with an environmentally conscious mindset and realize that every purchase we make affects our future,” she said.

Choosing to become conscious of your daily plastic use and actively trying to reduce it by choosing sustainable and reusable alternatives is part of living the #4oceanLifestyle. It’s not a change in your personal lifestyle, but an added awareness that allows you to better understand and appreciate our world’s natural resources.

The #4oceanLifestyle is not something one magically achieves overnight; it’s a conscientious and inspiring journey that has a different timeline for each person. We’re so proud of Hillary for choosing to start her own journey toward a more sustainable future and hope her example becomes an inspiration to others in the fashion industry.

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