4ocean – The Osborne Reef

For the first time in 4ocean history, we’re taking our crews below the ocean’s surface to recover tires from Osborne Reef, a failed artificial reef project containing millions of tires off the coast of Florida.

After months of research, relationship building, and a lengthy permitting process, 4ocean was finally granted the licenses and permits required to recover tires that have migrated away from the Osborne Reef drop site.

Our designated cleanup area spans 34 acres of seabed just north of the original drop site where loose tires have migrated. Our crews are currently using existing resources to recover tires as they survey the area, document tire distribution, and develop a detailed cleanup strategy.

To represent this monumental mission, we’ve designed The Osborne Reef Bracelet, which is made with verified tire crumb that our crews recovered directly from the Osborne Reef.

Visit https://bit.ly/3aSLQM8 to learn more and purchase the Osborne Reef Bracelet that funds this mission! #KeepingItClean