All About Our Marine Crewing

All about “Global Marine Placement” Crew Management, Marine Crewing Company Part of the Open International Joint-stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION”

Are you have ordered? We have experience. We together have worldwide resources. Welcome to the one team. Your choice is based on results – on a record of accomplishment that inspires confidence.

Our private site ( old name “Olympia Crew Management Ltd.”) is independently owned by “” (sea Life Defend)– we are not affiliated to any other company or organization. We were founded like a small private crewing agency in the area of the Baltic sea in 1993 in Kenigsberg with the name “TS Marine Ltd.”. Today we located in Montreal (Quebec, Canada).

Our online “Global Marine Placement Ltd.” this is crewing or recruitment (marine employment, marine personnel) company provide Web crewing services to marine personnel ashore or afloat, graduates with a relevant degree and people considering a career at sea.

We carry out quality control in all aspects of recruitment, so all of our candidates must go through a full selection process to confirm their qualifications, experience, and skills before they are presented to the client. Only the best candidates are carefully selected with open vacancies. Global MP will help you with all staff related issues.

We are committed to helping you achieve your short-term and long-term HR management goals. Global MP offers reliable, efficient recruitment solutions for companies.

Our team consists of experienced, dedicated and result-oriented staff.

To provide the best service to our clients our stuff always working hard. We are professionals in marine placement business with a huge experience in this field.

The aim of our services is to provide a dynamic advertising medium, capable of reflecting the current availability of jobs in the maritime industry more accurately and the means to notify relevant job seekers, create several networks between companies and job seekers with matching requirements by providing both parties with the modern and well-known tools and resources to achieve this.

According to our practice, some part of our job we can do by the person (our agents) only to keep the privacy of our clients in covert and safe. We always take care of your privacy.

We know that successfully staffing crews or personnel as well as looking for work is hard work. Global MP (Crewing) was designed to make the process of recruiting a crew or personnel and finding a job easy and successful.

We presently assisting any international seamen to be successful in hiring on boards of different types of vessels. We working all over the World with clients (Shipowners, Crewing Agencies, Employers, Job Seekers) from any countries or any nationality.

Read our quality policy HERE.