Dobroflot History

This is the story of the most massive crowdfunding that happened in Imperial Russia 150 years ago and brought the country one of the largest shipping companies in the world called ‘Dobroflot’. In Russian, the abbreviation of the word ‘voluntary’ is consonant with the word ‘good, kind’. That is why I chose the unofficial name for our future fleet, the ‘Good Fleet’.

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Flags of DOBROFLOT Steam Ship Company

As I promised, I start my company with the story about Dobroflot.

Dobroflot (Good Fleet or Voluntary Fleet), the most famous company of Imperial Russia, was founded at the end of 1878.

This was Russia’s response to England’s introduction of a strong squadron into the Sea of Marmara in the absence of a naval fleet in the Black Sea basin of Russia.

For the creation of this fleet, the whole Empire collected money. People donated who a penny, and who hundreds of thousands of rubles, like Count Stroganoff, for example, he donate 100,000.00.

Soon the first ships were procured for these donations.

All Dobroflot vessels were dual-use. In the event of war, these high-speed cargo-passenger ships turned into cruisers very quickly, since from the moment of purchase artillery weapons were purchased for each ship.

These vessels regularly served the Russian Empire and then the USSR. Many of these ships survived until the Second World War and took part in it. That’s the whole story.

I can write many more letters, but the essence of Dobroflot will not change. A fleet built with the money of the People.

Already today this name is used by the pitiful remnants of the fishing fleet of Russia. Courts and enterprises stolen from the people of all USSR by some of the dirty communists have such a famous name. A sort of surrealism of the era of the beginning of the time of troubles after the collapse of the USSR.

The flags of the old Dobroflot Steam Ship Company of Russia (before USSR) I quote here above.

In Wikipedia, you can read a lot of information about Dobroflot. Follow the links:,

Why did I suddenly remember this forgotten story of the formation of the Russian fleet?

Very simple – I want to create something remotely similar to this fleet by design, but completely different in purpose.

I want to create exactly the “GOOD Fleet”. A fleet of ships that will help not only the marine inhabitants but also the people themselves to survive in the era of the advancing ecological catastrophe.

This fleet should be as private as possible to the company of ocean rescue enthusiasts and should be as international as possible.

The fight against the pollution of the marine environment will unite seafarers and enthusiasts of the whole world and will not allow their participation in any war.

I will not start from scratch. I have ideas and there are several ways to translate ideas into reality.

It can be made much easier and establish close cooperation with any strong and well-known company from the very first steps since all the calculations promise this company very good dividends – but this means putting everything in the wrong hands and not achieving several specific goals.

First of all not achieving international cooperation of seafarers and the absence of any political component of a fully ecological, economic and quite profitable commercial project.

But if I don’t find like-minded people and future co-owners of the project by a certain time, I’ll give it to the merchants ’hands it’s necessary. Plastic from the oceans must be removed and it must be done urgently.

The first step is the creation of a completely non-profit, charitable organization.

BUT … The charity will provide for the absence of losses for philanthropists in any force majeure event.

You will learn everything in further preliminary publications. For the next time in the next topics.