Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page of the main site of  the International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “Global Marine Pollution”

Who we are? 

We are an international open joint-stock private non-governmental and non-political corporation open to all without discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, political opinion or social background.

What are the goals of the organization?

The first and main goal of the organization is to clean the surface of oceans, seas, rivers, coastlines, and land from plastic and pollution containing hydrocarbon components in environmentally friendly industrial and professional ways with the support of volunteers and recycling of collected garbage in a professional and industrial way right on the spot anywhere in the world into energy (fuel)

The second goal of the organization is to develop new environmentally friendly and sparing ways to achieve the first goal.

The third goal of the organization is the possible benefit for investors and donors, members and employees of the organization, the creation of jobs for a wide range of professionals.

The fourth goal is to study the seas and oceans, namely, to study the level of pollution of the seas and oceans and to monitor it

— to conduct ichthyological research

— to conduct hydrological and weather observations and studies

— to promote clean methods of economic activity in the waters of the seas and oceans and to monitor it

— to promote marine species outdoor activities

– the creation of popular science videos and other activities that are not harmful to the environment.

What ways do we intend to achieve these goals and how to finance these projects?

We intend to achieve these goals by stage-by-stage crowdfunding. What is it? The corporate structure allows crowdfunding for individual companies within the corporation. We do not need to raise funds at once for the entire corporation, it is enough to collect first on one ship of a separate company, then another to raise crowdfunding to another with the help of the first ship already working and so on. Companies will already generate income for shareholders and will still be collecting funds. Such a flexible system will allow the selection of funds in different countries by different people and structures, perhaps even in something hostile to each other or competing with each other. What is the basis of crowdfunding? It is the work of volunteers and professionals, on commercial financial investments of members of the organization and sponsors, providing all of the profits from commercial activities, depending on the timing and amount of money invested.

Why do we offer only two types of funding and sponsorship of your projects?

In fact, we offer different types of financial transactions.

– Ordinary banking (bank transfers, checks, and so on). Thus, it is intended to purchase means of production, supplies, payment for work done, large deposits and payments. Unfortunately, working with small deposits and donations is very uncomfortable and expensive.

– PayPal for the period of becoming a corporation is a somewhat costly type, but nevertheless, it is the most stable form for donations and small contributions. we tested other species and found that it is dangerous to use them during the formation of the corporation. If the funds raised with difficulty are confiscated, frozen or stolen, we will not only lose the opportunity to organize the start of the activity, but we will simply not be able to answer the depositors’ accounts, but we really would not want to.

– Bitcoin is the only stable operating cryptocurrency world system that is not only low-cost but also very reliable in terms of non-disclosure of personal information of members of the corporation. Bitcoin is very volatile, but sometimes it gives its advantages, it is quite possible that the course will help us quickly acquire the means of production. And Bitcoin will have a future.

Who is Alex Ant?

This is the person who is trying to create this project and is the main coordinator of the project for the formation of the corporation. In the future, everything will be decided by the meeting of contributors and sponsors.

Why a corporation is divided into many firms, at least in the firm for each ship?

This is done to increase the vitality of the corporation. This is done

– to prevent the raider seizure of all corporation.

– to survive in force majeure natural disasters, wars and military conflicts, in condition while changing the political situation, and so on.

– In general, to save money sponsors and investors.

– for more simple calculations of dividends in the conditions of becoming a corporation.

– for the organization of workplaces and more simplification of control for work.

Why should plastic be recycled on site, rather than assembled and then handed over to processing plants?

It can be collected and transferred, but along the way, it will pollute the environment. Not all plastic is transferred to enterprises for recycling. Most of it goes to landfills in poor countries and there it continues to poison everything around. Some types of plastic are not recyclable but only the burned and are not fully utilized due to existing technologies. It is for these reasons, the collection of plastic ineffective event.

Can a coastal company or a non-maritime person take part in your program?

Of course, it can. Not only will he receive dividends on invested capital, but he will also be able to work in a corporation. We will need almost all specialties and especially extraordinary and talented ones, hardworking people. We have no restrictions and will not for anyone.

Ask your questions. Your questions help make the idea of ​​ stage-by-stage global crowdfunding more understandable and more realizable.

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On behalf of all people and animals, on behalf of our blue planet, I ask you for assistance and your generous DONATION.