Goals and Objectives For Today

This page about our Goals and Objectives for today like a member of the International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

We are creating an International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTIONapolitical private profitable company for cleaning the surface of the oceans from plastic and other hydrocarbon-containing garbage.

What are the immediate goals and objectives facing her?

The immediate goal is the very creation of our company.

Once established, this company will perform the functions of an industrial and professional collection of plastic waste by volunteers and specialists from many countries and all continents of the world.

The organizations that exist today carry out volunteers for the collection of plastic mainly at the coastal line of the seas. This plastic collected with difficulty by enthusiasts not always goes to industrial enterprises for its utilization or recycling.

Such a collection of plastic pollution is completely inadequate to the speed of the pollution itself. This, undoubtedly, largely contributes to the purity of coastal waters, but does not at all correspond to the danger of the pollution itself.

Most countries of the world, most industrial enterprises and transnational companies in general practice do not collect plastic in the open part of the world’s ocean. The political structures of the world provide support solely in words during periods of election campaigns, not all and not always. But plastic does not wait, he just daily poisons our world.

Plastic bans in some countries are of a formal nature and do not yet bring the expected reduction in the amount of plastic in the oceans.

Our organization will be fundamentally different in this respect from others in that, based on it, with the help of volunteers and donates, floating plastic conversion plants will be created in any points of the seas and oceans, both near the coast and in the open part of the oceans.

Floating plastic surfaces (plastic floating continents for today) are, as a rule, outside the jurisdiction of coastal states, outside their economic zones and they are of little interest for any governments, but nonetheless pose a real threat to the health and life of people on whole continents. About 8000000 tonnes of plastic every year coming to this floating garbage continents. Exactly these floating continents of garbage we will work, their destruction by complete ecologically clean processing will be the main goal of our company.

Such a global task cannot be realized by periodic discrete actions of enthusiasts and this goal must be resolved only by the global organization of professionals with the constant support of enthusiasts.

The immediate task after the organizational period is to raise funds to start the work of such first in the world floating processing plastic ship-factory.

In fact, it will be an experimental vessel with one or two lines of plastic processing capable of carrying out long-term work in any area of ​​the global ocean for an arbitrarily long time. It will be tested on its methods of recycling and collection of plastic. In the future, this vessel will carry out reconnaissance of industrial accumulations of garbage and the call of the main forces of the fleet to such places.

This is the goal and the most urgent tasks that life itself sets for us. This is not we are, not any government, not any other person can ask you to start to do this – to save a life on the blue planet. If we are people we must to do it – to clean our house and house of animals properly.

What means do we have for today?

There is a vessel for 200 crew members, volunteers, and processors. This vessel has been repaired and is completely ready for sailing, on such a vessel two technological plastic processing lines can be technically installed, there are three boats for thorough reconnaissance of garbage fields near the vessel.

At any time, this vessel can be bought by any other buyer, but this will not mean the collapse of our company, there are still several vessels of a similar configuration, but they require some small rebuilding and repair, which will mean an increase in the cost of the initial investment in the project. But this vessel exactly what fate dictates to us. She requires a minimum adjustment and will serve for a long time and with huge profits.

Price of the same new vessel will be around 6-8 millions of dollars and the price of two lines for plastic recycling will be around $1 500 000. From another side to launch our project, an amount of about only $ 2,000,000 is needed. This is a big money for big work and this is the minimum. All this money is 5 times less then we can find tomorrow or today in many countries in the world.

In addition to all the above, we can add that this vessel is a multipurpose vessel.

No wonder we assume its use as a reconnaissance vessel of the upcoming regions of the world ocean.

She able to perform hydro-graphic work, research work, depth measurements, draw separate parts of the underwater relief on maps, serve as a base for volunteer activities, conduct expeditions, being essentially a yacht, she can cruise with a small number of passengers (up to 120 passengers) , she is capable of exploring submerged objects at any depth and even carry a small submarine or deep-water apparatus (they are not there yet). She is capable of providing underwater operations with both scuba divers and more serious equipment. She can conduct geological and geomagnetic studies.

This is a completely professional vessel designed for professional activities in cooperation with volunteers or scientists. To some extent, you can work on it as a ferry between the islands.

On board, the vessel you can open even small your private business some like a small duty-free shop, restaurant, bar, club e.t.s. If you will buy some places on board the vessel you can sell it for 4-6 months cruises and make a normal profit even on the first voyage.

We look forward to starting a professional garbage collection. With such an initial price, we simply will not be able to buy such a ship anywhere else, we will have to spend a lot of money to achieve this configuration of the vessel. It is an ideal vessel for a very profitable commercial activity that can generate income from the first voyage.

These are the prospects for today and maximum target.

Can we do this alone? Of course not, even for a large company it is impossible to quickly find such a large amount.

We have tested the Internet a lot and we know that it is simply unrealistic for us to collect such an amount in a short time with individual donations. Therefore, we must turn to industry giants for assistance. 

Turning to the industrial giants, we will specifically limit their contribution to the business by a certain amount in order not to create excessive monopolization of this business.

After the first pilot voyages, We can guarantee the influx of those who want to join this business. We will be open to all and accumulate a lot of information about the status quo. Each company will receive all of our information, but the first will break away from the latter and competition will arise, which is what is needed to clean the surface of the oceans.

For today, simple smart advertising, goodwill and a good heart are required. Nothing more is required. There are many of us on our planet, and we can do everything. If we could do this, we could save the Earth for future generations.

Today we need smart propaganda and agitation. And she, like everything on this Earth, is worth the money and effort of caring people.

Our project is open to absolutely everyone. Just review my text and give good advice on proofreading. 🙂 

The planned power of the first vessel (reconnaissance and research in its essence) is 20-30 thousand liters of high-quality diesel fuel per day after subtracting the used, plus technical carbon dioxide and fine coal that does not leave ashes. All this our vessel will be able to produce in good weather conditions.

We do not offer anything impossible. For and to any company, anyone who wants to can make a business project even with this information, but we will not reveal some subtleties, excuse us, only for serious investors.

Next, on other pages, We will tell you how and what we will do exactly.

Gentlemen, we invite you to take part in a simple and noble cause of professional cleaning of the Earth’s oceans from carbon-containing pollution (primarily from plastic pollution).

The processing of this deadly for all living things and, above all, for a person on Earth, garbage into excellent and expensive types of fuel (Gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, gas, coke) in an absolutely environmentally friendly way as developed.

This technology so far no has been applied. Details of our crowdfunding you can read on all pages of this site.

To whom, if not to us, who gave most of their lives for oceans, and whom the Sea fed, to successfully fight for oceans lives.

We do not ask for big donations, on the contrary, we will create a cheap and completely safe line for processing all carbon-containing waste into high-quality fuel and even try to put the pilot plant on a small vessel. It does not require large expenditures, and the benefits will be right from the moment of your generous donation to the common cause. The main our target is to do all cheap and make a profit big. 

But the main profit will be blue and clear our Oceans for our children.

This site will immediately become part of your business and we will work for your prosperity and growth, for your well-being. And you will get the dividends. Everything that we do will be yours and the design of line and the vessels and this site. And you will get very not bad dividends.

We now literally need everything and by helping us you help yourself and above all to your children, who will enjoy, as we all do, the beauties of the LIVE ocean, and not the stench of a lifeless desert. All materials on crowdfunding read below.

Your comments, suggestions, and advice are very important to us and will help us a lot, please write your feedback in the feedback form below:

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