History Of Our Work

On this page, you can find all the history of our work for the International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

Today 2019-05-19 we are not alone. Gentlemen, we invite you to take part in a simple and noble cause of professional cleaning of the Earth’s oceans from carbon-containing pollution (primarily from plastic pollution).

The processing of this deadly for all living things and, above all, for a person on Earth, garbage into excellent and expensive types of fuel in an absolutely environmentally friendly way as developed.

This technology so far no has been applied. Details of our crowdfunding you can read on this site. We do not ask for big donations, on the contrary, we will create a cheap and completely safe line for processing all carbon-containing waste into high-quality fuel and even try to put the pilot plant on a small vessel.

It does not require large expenditures, and the benefits will be right from the moment of your generous donation to the common cause. This site will immediately become part of your business and we will work for your prosperity and growth, for your well-being. And you will get the dividends.

Everything that we do will be yours. And you will get very not bad dividends. You will help yourself and above all to your children, who will enjoy, as we all do, the beauties of the LIVE ocean, and not the stench of a lifeless desert.

Our latest technology for producing biofuels from waste through multi-stage decomposition and oxidation allows the production of biofuels from plastic (and this is the best option of the highest utilization) of municipal solid waste, as well as from sewage and polluted water.

The technology is a method of multistage pyrolysis, decomposition, and deacidification, which can be used for a wide range of applications, in particular conversion of waste into biofuels, heat, and electricity, depending on the needs of the customer.

We have unusually improved the modular system capable of processing any carbon-containing waste, both household and industrial, including rubber and plastic waste, as well as sludge to produce various types of synthetic fuel, heat, electricity, technical and distilled water.

When processing only three cubic meters of plastic per hour, the base model is capable of producing up to 270 liters of high-quality synthetic fuel (kerosene, gasoline with an octane rating of 98, super diesel) and 380 kW / h of electricity.

Today 2019-05-02 we are not alone. Our project gradually begins to live. Therefore, the type of site is constantly changing. We found a potential manufacturer to whom we will order 50% of our unmatched complex. The complex will process plastic and, in general, all carbon-containing garbage floating in the sea into excellent fuel in an absolutely safe, quiet and non-toxic way to the environment.

The idea is simple. We will put such a complex on board the ship and will be able to recycle any plastic in an intensive industrial way right at sea. The first such vessel in the world will be small on board the vessel we will work on setting up the complex and its servicing system.

This vessel will not need fuel, electricity, or wash water from the shore. All this and energy for its operation will be provided by the on-board complex for processing any plastic and floating garbage. The vessel itself will not pour any dirty water overboard. All waste, including feces, food debris, oily and waste materials and smoke from the engine we will process into fuel, technical carbon dioxide, and chemically pure water. The gas released into the atmosphere will be water vapor and ordinary oxygen.

From 1000 kilograms of simple plastic pollution we will have 700 kilograms of fuel (30 kilograms of diesel fuel, 25 kilograms of gasoline, and 15 kilograms of fuel oil); another 15 kilograms it will be pure industrial coke. This coke does not leave ashes when burned. This type of coke sometimes used to produce water filters. About 7% will be water. The rest will be gas, this gas we will use to create the necessary temperature for the operation of the entire installation. There are practically no moving parts in the installation and it will be very durable.

The cost of the already installed installation will be just ridiculous compared to analogs (ten times cheaper). The adjustment of the whole process will take a little time and the main part of the installation we will make by ourselves. Already an experienced unit should produce at least 1.5-2.0 tons of diesel fuel per day, not counting gasoline and other types of fuel. This amount will be quite enough for the life of the vessel and people on board. More of this, there will still be some fuel that we will sale. On the left photo, you can see what type of vessel we need to get started.

The dimensions of the pilot plant will be 3 meters X 6 meters X 2.5 meters. In the future, the size of the installations will grow, but their power will grow faster than the size, which will make it possible to attract small vessels to work and even work in rivers.

The installation itself will be mobile and it will be able easily transferred to any piece of land or trailer. Not only this, over time, it will allow processing of bituminous sands and land plots affected by oil spills.

Get involved in working with us, we offer you an excellent opportunity to clear the land and water with a very decent return on invested capital. How to do this you can find on the pages of this site. We are a worldwide commercial organization and will be happy to cooperate with any person and with any other organization on the planet on mutually beneficial terms. WELCOME, EVERYBODY! We have already taken the first step. Welcome to our site, we hope we will be friends!


Today 2019-04-18 we are not alone. On this site, there will be many photos and videos of the perishing Ocean.

After all, only this is of interest. Sensation – floating islands of garbage in the ocean, mammals, birds, and fish dying painfully death. Are you only interested in this? It is easier to go on YouTube, perhaps. Only … this is “only” and made us take responsibility for such a thing.

Are you interested in why the climate has changed so dramatically in your home? Great scientific minds give you tales of the greenhouse effect, of the changed flows of air masses and do not explain the truth at all. The truth is very simple. Giant plastic floating islands changed surface currents in the ocean and evaporation of water from the surface of these giant territories in the oceans and now it is very cold at your home or vice versa – it is very hot.

Tidal rains started where they have not been for centuries. However, this is not the main thing. The neighbors gave birth to a girl without hands and on that street a boy without legs. In addition, the horror is very simple. Twenty years ago you threw a plastic bottle from under Coca-Cola into the sea …

It eventually got worn out in the sun in the water by waves and wind into the smallest dust and did not decompose at all. Plankton ate this dust in the water, plankton was food for small fish, tuna eat a small fish, and from their bodies, along with mercury and lead, and this filth got into the organisms of both yours and your neighbors. No one can even predict what your grandson will be.

The impact of plastic on our body is no weaker than the effects of radiation after an explosion of a nuclear bomb. Now you understand a little about what I will say on this site. Help us. We need money support now for the first vessel, help us with ADs so that our website will be able to see the people on the Internet. This is very necessary for the start of the first step of our project on the collection of plastic and processing into fuel, gas and ordinary coal. It is time to do this if we do not want to mutate into something terrible after a couple of generations. The first step we already did. Welcome to OUR site, we hope, we will be friends!