Integrated Waste Recycling

The basic principles of plastics and carbon waste processing that International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “Global Marine Pollution”   will apply

On this page, we will explain to you the basic principles of plastics and carbon waste processing that we will apply. This is due to the fact that many do not understand this and find it impossible.

So, this is complex, which consists of several parts.

Attention!!! This is the concept! In this version, it is dangerous even on land and will pollute the environment. It is given to explain the principle.

The last part it is usual miniature refinery. There are a lot of them around the world. This including all plants refining oil semi-handicraft methods, the same principle of cleaning, sublimation, and separation (clarification) is used in any small enterprise to receive palm oil, coconut oil, and other vegetable oils and their clarification and purification from impurities and odor. In short, this is a completely ordinary production with one small nuance only.

After the distillation of oil into fuel, the gaseous fraction remains, which, as a rule, is simply burned. Have you ever seen an oil refinery and a flame above it? This is the residual gas ‘unnecessary’ that burns above the plant and poisons the air with combustion products since in the flare it is simply impossible to achieve complete combustion of gas and the absence of gas mixture interaction with atmospheric gases.

This is normal since, with the presence of entire large power plants, these refineries are simply not interested in this remaining. We are on the ship and it is luxury to throw energy into the air or overboard.

In our complex, this gas is used to create the required temperature in a distillation column, where, actually heated oil in a gaseous state, condenses in certain parts of the column and decomposes into various types of fuel, such as fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, and so on. As a result, this most ‘unnecessary’ gas is also being poured as a residue. This is the final by-product of production, which in our scheme produces the heat required for the process and can provide fuel for the ship’s electrical generators and the installation complex system.

Summarizing all the above, this part of the installation is known to mankind since the invention of alcoholic beverages such as vodka. These are centuries of our history and there is nothing exceptional about it.

We move from the end of the process to the beginning of the process, namely, to the part of it from where we will have oil and its pairs.

We will get it from the process of pyrolysis. During this process, any carbon-containing waste (plastic, wood, food remaining, all except stones, glass, and metal) will become an oil and gas.

How it works you can look at the video below.

The Process of Pyrolysis (Plastic To Fuel)

You have looked at the complexes for processing various types of garbage and understand now that we are not inventing anything and everything has been completely and everywhere applied for a long time.

Only … Very cumbersome, very fire and explosive, very difficult to load and gives the minimum amount of fuel. And this is what you want to install on a swinging small ship?

And we will answer you and yes and no.

Everything is not as scary as it was shown here. This is exactly what we call the ‘first in the world.’

Our installation will be as much more elegant in engineering terms as a deer is more elegant in appearance than an elephant or a hippo.

Not only this, everything will be practically automated and will cost many times less than all these very outdated structures. Productivity will be many times greater and there will be no toxic gas emissions when the reactor is loaded.

Help us start working with us and we will turn this world over for the better. We will make it the first in the world. After us, these installations will be done in every garage without much difficulty and cost and the world will be cleaner.

Why we do not show the installation diagram? Because it is too simple but we want to bring it to perfection and give you and yourself a decent profit.

Are we competing with oil-pumping and refining companies, recycling companies? Not. An ant cannot compete with an elephant. Not only this, we invite any of the most huge companies spending many billions on worthless whole institutions to help us. Help us with millions of times less money than they throw to the wind. Help us and make money on our development. Then they will be able to produce and operate such complexes themselves.

What do you lose, gentlemen? The cost of a decent car and no more. Insurance will cover your losses if we prove to be unscrupulous partners. Only this will not happen.

In addition to this part of the complex, we still have TWO more developments unparalleled in the world. Help us and you will not regret. We are ready to cooperate with any company, any political party with any state.

Our goal is clear, simple and clear to anyone. Our goal is to clean the Oceans and the Earth from debris and harmful substances emitted by this debris. We are for a clean life without dirt and nothing more. We are an absolutely non-political private international open joint-stock commercial corporation “Global Marine Pollution” open to anyone on our beloved planet.