Meet the BeBot, a beach cleaning robot!

We’re stoked to introduce the BeBot, a groundbreaking piece of clean ocean technology engineered by robotic experts and deployed by Poralu Marine 🌊

The BeBot, short for beach cleaning robot, is an eco-friendly device that’s specifically designed to clean and restore our coastlines without harming the environment.

The 100% electric BeBot runs on battery and solar power, therefore it releases zero harmful emissions. It’s designed to sift sand up to 10cm deep to recover trash that can be as small as 1cm Over the course of an hour, our BeBot can clean up to 3,000 meters, or roughly the size of 7 basketball courts!

Over the next few weeks, 4ocean will be testing the BeBot on beaches near our headquarters in South Florida. Once testing is complete, we’ll deploy an additional unit in Hawai’i to support our local partners and existing cleanup initiatives on the island of Oahu.

Visit to learn more about this groundbreaking clean ocean technology, and remember, this is what you make possible every time you pull a pound!