Official Logo and Flag

Here we present to you the official logo and flag of International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “Global Marine Pollution   

The official LOGO of the company depicts the whale family in the image of the human heart in light blue. It symbolizes our pure love for the purity of the Oceans. The oblique inscription – the address of the official site symbolizes our efforts to clean Oceans from dirt and protect any life in the seas.

The company’s flag is a dark blue cloth symbolizing the purity of thoughts and the purity of the Oceans. In the center is placed the Golden Star or Svarog Square.

Since we are focused on the international composition of the company, we will have people of different religions and beliefs in the company. It would be wrong to use a cross or crescent, for example.

Therefore, we have chosen one of the most ancient symbols that appeared long before Christianity or Islam. We took one of the very old, very ancient Slavic symbols.

Svarog Square or Star of Svarog is one of the sacred ancient Slavic symbols. This is not just a powerful amulet – this sign hides the original force in itself.

Svarog was considered one of the main gods. It refers to the original gods, from which all other gods and, subsequently, people, originated. Svarog acts, first of all, as a creator god and a blacksmith god who created the physical objects of the material world – the earth, mountains, rivers, and plains.

They represented him in the form of a celestial blacksmith, who created not only the Earth directly, but also the very home of the gods, Svarga.

Svarog himself is beyond the struggle of good and evil, like more numerous light or dark gods, so his sign can really be used for many purposes. He was considered the teacher of mankind, who gave people the knowledge of most crafts and practical skills.

Svarog Square Star of Svarog) is a sign of creators – artisans, blacksmiths, and all those people, thanks to whose labor various practically applicable things appear.

To understand the meaning of a symbol is quite simple – it personifies the ordering of the universal entropy by a celestial blacksmith. At the same time, many people notice the direct similarity of this symbol with the Scandinavian Valknutsya, however, their value does not overlap, and the similarity is ensured only by an interesting interweaving of lines with each other.

In general, despite the presence of protective properties, this symbol primarily provides self-development and the disclosure of their own talents. He develops hard work and encourages development. The protective function is, first of all, that no one will interfere with the carrier on the way to perfection. This charm eliminates all the problems that interfere with professional growth, skill development, and craft learning.

In addition to fire and knowledge of blacksmiths, Svarog gave people and other crafts. It is unlikely that the help of Svarog will be needed by people who are engaged in sedentary office work. On the other hand, in all areas of activity where creativity requires the application of any physical effort, this sign can become incredibly useful, allowing you to truly unlock the full potential and start creating real works of art.

In general, it can be said that the guardian Square of Svarog (Star of Svarog) is an excellent choice for people who want to develop their talents. He gives true diligence and helps to cope with any problems that interfere with his professional activities.

Our flag is the flag of creative, talented people who defended the Oceans with pure thoughts and trying to improve themselves in our world.

Svarog – the Main God of the Very Ancient Slavic Land