Our Impact in Hawaii w/ Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Our partnership with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is having an EPIC impact!

For every Hawksbill Sea Turtle Bracelet sold, we’ll donate $1 to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii who will use our donation to keep Hawaii’s marine habitats free from fishing nets and other harmful marine debris.

The Marine Debris Rapid Response Program allows crews to immediately respond to reports of harmful debris like ghost nets, microplastics, and other large debris accumulations on the islands.

By removing these hazardous threats from the environment as soon as they’re reported, we can prevent needless injuries and deaths not just for hawksbill sea turtles, but for all the animals that call these waters home.

To learn more about the impact our partnership with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii will have, visit https://bit.ly/3eyxMJT 🐢