Plastic Footprint | Can Ordering Pizza Save the Ocean?

On this episode of Plastic Footprint, the 4ocean crew discusses how ordering delivery or getting takeout can improve the health of the ocean.

Plastic Footprint is an ongoing discussion series centered on eliminating plastic from the ocean by eliminating it from our daily lives on land.

Make sure to leave a comment with what you are usually having delivered to your house, and the 4ocean crew will reply with how to do it more ocean minded. You might even be the lucky person who has a pizza sent to them from the 4ocean crew.

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It is so easy to improve your Plastic Footprint while ordering food.

Remember to ask politely for plastic not to be included in your order. Bring reusables everywhere you can. Avoid single-use items as much as possible.

Small steps can make a big impact in the fight against ocean plastic.

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Old Master Mariner, Alone, Canadian


Old Master Mariner, Alone, Canadian