Protecting Hammerhead Sharks w/ One Ocean Diving

Meet our Partner of the Month — One Ocean Diving!

As we continue to learn more about the Hawai’ian Islands and the effects of plastic pollution, we are working with local partners to support cleanup and community outreach initiatives that have existed on the islands. So this month, we’re donating $1 to our friends at One Ocean Diving for every Hammerhead Shark Bracelet sold!

One Ocean Diving, Research & Conservation is a Hawai’i-based organization that funds crucial marine research and conservation initiatives while raising awareness about the importance of protecting sharks and other marine life.

Together, we’ll help fund crucial research, education, and protection initiatives that advance shark conservation globally 🦈 🌎

Visit to learn more about One Ocean Diving, the projects our donation will support, and to secure your limited edition Hammerhead Shark Bracelet!