Protecting Hawaii’s coastlines and coral reefs with CMDR

Our partnership with the Center for Marine Debris Research is having an EPIC impact!

For every Hawai’ian Coral Reef Bracelet sold, we’ll donate $1 to CMDR who will use our donation to fund projects that reduce the ecological damage caused by plastic fishing gear on Hawai’i’s reefs.

Together, we will..
• Remove fishing gear like nets, buoys, and traps from Hawaii’s coral reefs and coastlines
• Photo-document and sample recovered gear to determine which fishery it came from
• Support collaborations with other international research organizations to compare data and ensure its reliability
• Publish research findings in peer-reviewed journals to drive awareness and action on plastic pollution
• Examine the feasibility of setting up a program for long-term monitoring and at-sea removal of ghost gear

To learn more about the impact our partnership with CMDR will have, visit