Protecting Hawksbill Sea Turtles w/ Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Meet our Partner of the Month — Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii!

As we continue to learn more about the Hawaiian Islands and the effects of plastic pollution, we are working with local partners to support cleanup and community outreach initiatives that have existed on the islands. So, in addition to pulling one pound of trash from the ocean, we’re donating $1 to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii for every limited edition Hawksbill Sea Turtle Bracelet sold!

This grassroots nonprofit is based on the island of Oahu and works to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines through hands-on beach cleanups, educational programs, waste diversion services, and public awareness campaigns.

Together, we’ll support the development and maintenance of SCH’s Marine Debris Rapid Response Program!

Visit to learn more about Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, how we’re supporting the Marine Debris Rapid Response Program, and to secure your limited edition Hawksbill Sea Turtle Bracelet!