Thank You Page

Thank You For Your Donation.


Your donation will help us.

We hope that your donation will help to clear our seas and oceans, to purchase ships and equipment for this mission. This will help us to perform a number of works related to the protection of life around us, the study of the depths of the oceans.

Please save this page, later you will find a lot of interesting and useful information on this page.

Please contact us through the contact form or by E-mail. We will send you an official confirmation of your donation. Save these confirmations. Subsequently, they will bring you income when we start the real work, as written on our donation page. We will be grateful to you and confirm your participation in our mission.

We are trying to fulfill our mission, but we have to pay for everything in this world, and, of course, our mission is not a cheap enterprise. It will be profitable but after a while.

We need this time simply to get started. Your donation helps not only us but also the many billions of creatures living in our oceans and seas, just to survive, which would be useful for us and for you.

It helps all people who live on our planet and do not even know about you or us.

On behalf of all these people and animals, on behalf of our blue planet, I express to you deep gratitude for your generous gift.





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