The 4ocean Bracelet is GreenCircle Certified

The 4ocean signature bracelet started it all and was created to serve as a symbol of the clean ocean movement and a reminder to live an ocean-minded lifestyle. It enables you to help clean the ocean from anywhere in the world.

Did you know that 4ocean bracelets were GreenCircle Certified?

GreenCircle is an internationally recognized third-party certification entity whose thorough evaluation process provides independent verification that sustainability claims related to an organization’s products and operations are honest, valid and verified.

Each 4ocean bracelet is hand-assembled in Bali by a team of skilled artisans from the local community. The cord in our bracelets is manufactured in China from 100% certified post-consumer recycled plastic including less than 5% reclaimed ocean plastic. The glass beads in our bracelets are manufactured in China from 95% certified post-consumer recycled glass, including less than 5% reclaimed ocean glass. The 40 charm is made from recycled stainless steel.

At 4ocean, we are working hard every day to increase the amount of reclaimed ocean plastic used in our products. Our mission is to end the ocean plastic crisis, and with your help, we can make it happen!

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