Whale Shark Encounter Off Bali Coast

It’s International Whale Shark Day so we wanted to share a special memory with the clean ocean movement.

Back in December 2020, our crews in Bali came across a whale shark while cleaning in the Pebuahan Ocean, about 3 km off the coast of Jembrana. ⁠

While whale sharks may be the biggest fish in the sea, they are most threatened by the ocean’s tiniest plastic particles: microplastic.⁠

As filter feeders, whale sharks suck in thousands of cubic meters of seawater every day, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to ingesting microplastics, especially in areas engulfed with plastic debris, like where our crews spotted this whale shark.⁠

Sightings like these remind us why it’s so important to continue fighting the ocean plastic crisis every single day.⁠

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