White Paper

White Paper of International Open Joint-stock Corporation “Global Marine Pollution”

The reality is that virtually this entire site is White Paper of the International Open Joint-stock Corporation “Global Marine Pollution”. To proceed to the discussion of the financial structure of the corporation and the open the first lot of the first cluster of the stage-by-stage crowdfunding we recommend to get acquainted with the information

  • about us HERE
  • what we actually offer today HERE,
  • with the supposed organizational structure of the corporation HERE,
  • with the engineering idea of ​​processing carbon-containing garbage HERE,
  • about the additional commercial possibilities of operating the vessel HERE,
  • with frequently asked questions HERE,
  • what is being done HERE,
  • with the history of the idea HERE,
  • with the official logo and the corporate flag HERE,
  • with the Privacy Policy HERE,
  • what is the main threat of plastic water pollution HERE. 
  • If you have read at least part of the proposed pages, it will be easier for us to explain the financial structure of the corporation – the main source of your estimated income.

The proposed financial structure for the first Lot (one small vessel + line for the processing of carbon-containing garbage) the first Cluster of three Lots (three processing vessels).

So, what is the essence of our proposals?

General rules as follow:

1. The initial and all subsequent Clusters (three vessels in a Cluster) are divided into Lots (individual vessels).

2. Lots are divided into Blocks (Votes of investors). We divide the cost of the initial investment into Blocks depending on the value of the Lot itself.

3. Blocks are divided into Units (Contributions) it will be 100 Units in one Block.

4. All individual Donations will be collected in Units, and the Donations themselves can be as small as desired within reasonable limits.

5. We have the stage-by-stage crowdfunding so all prices for new Lots and Clusters will be calculated separately. If it will be some unuseful founds this money will go into new Lots or Clusters if it will be not enough money we will open a new Bloks for present Lot. All Lots will be separate Company/Enterprise and separate crowdfunding it is necessary by Low in some countries.

For the first lot of the first cluster: 

1. We divide the cost of $ 800,000 (one Lot) by 50 Blocks (Votes) and get the figure of $ 16,000. Price for one Blok (Vote) for the first Lot is $ 16,000. To divide the cost of one small vessel into a larger number of Blocks (Votes) is simply not economically feasible. We divide the cost of one Vote $ 16,000 into 100 Units. Price for 1 Unit in the first Lot is $ 160.

2. No one likes working or giving money for free. Therefore, anyone who invests money or their work should receive something in return, we are no exception to the rule. Therefore, 20% is the sum of our salaries, office payments, and other related expenses. If we will have freelancers another 20% it will be for their salary. Therefore, we sell one Block for $22,400.

3. One Block cost of $22,400 we divide into 100. Our price for one Unit of the first Lot is $224.

4. When you will send us any donations we will summarize your donations under your nickname and we will summarize all one by one for Units of $224 and Units for Votes of $22,400. Of these $22,400, only $16,000 will accrue a percentage of the profit of the first Lot.

5. When we complete Unit we will send to the biggest investor in this Unit an Invitation Letter to be our Representative Person (freelancer). When you will receive this Invitation you will be able to collect donations from other people and will send to us 80% leaving yourself 20% (for example you flayed $100, but send us only $80 – $20 this is your payment).

6. You can say us, that we “forgot” 20%. Yes! It is a great question! This money we will pay for post expenses and every month like a bonus for the best three our Representative Persons who will collect the biggest amount of donations.

What will be after you donate us:

1. If you bought a Block, you will additionally receive the right to vote in this lot. The part of the ship for the amount of $16,000 will be yours and you will be able to resell your Block and you will participate in the development of plans for the operation of the Lot-ship.

2. You will receive complete information about your donations by E-mails and official letters. On this site will be working a separate page with a list of all donation we will receive from you.

3. With all donations of more than $1000, it is best to contact us first via E-mail:


or through the form below and our representative will contact you and discuss separately all the conditions of the transaction.

4. Before the distribution of dividends and in cases important for the work of a corporation, an online meeting of block holders (votes) will be held. 

Summary for the first Lot:

The Lot price is $800,000.

The Block (Vote) price is $22,400

The Unit price is $224


Our immediate goal is the first Lot working at sea.


1. We expect dividends to be paid twice a year based on Lot’s working results. Perhaps in the future, we will pay by the results of each voyage separately.

2. We expect to open separately reinvestment opportunity for all investors.

3. All the dividends we will pay into your accounts. We will ask you about your preferring before sending money.

4. For summarised Units all dividends we will pay on account with the biggest amount of donations on this Unit, then you will divide one as you will prefer.

5. For do not lose your dividends we will ask you by your E-mail on what account to pay it. In case you will not send us any orders about your preferring for 1 month we will reinvest your dividends on the open Lot under your account.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by E-mail or by the contact form below.

Terms of return donations.

1 A donation (contribution) can be reclaimed back 6 months after the investment and paid unconditionally and withholding of office expenses (20%) in case of the continued collection of funds for the Lot.

2. The donation must be returned unconditionally with the deduction of office expenses (20%) and due by dividends on the day of the request in case of closure of the Lot and its stable operation.

Some additional terms of payment and transfer money, private policy.

1. Bitcoin suits us best. In addition, we can use the PayPal system, but all payments under this system lead to costs that we will not take into account. If you use this system, then all % PayPal just come to this respected company and do not touch us at all.

2. We also recommend sending large amounts in Bitcoins. Yes, Bitcoin is volatile and its course changes quite often, we take these risks. If there are large sums (more then $1000), then simply contact us by E-mail, we will make an agreement on the time of the negotiations, agree and give for you our bank account. In all other cases, we recommend Bitcoin. It sufficiently protects your personal information and also suits us as the only stable cryptocurrency.

3. Our privacy policy is completely clear. We collect your information (Name, address) only to account for subsequent payments and forwarding documents. We do not transmit or verify your personal information for third parties. Give those names, addresses or mailboxes which are more convenient for you. This does not concern us, and we are not responsible for your actions or inaction, just as you are for ours unless we discuss the latter separately. Similarly, we do not store and will not store any commercial information about our sponsors on the open Internet, or open electronic devices, as well as the amount of their contributions or shares in our business, is our and your business secret.

Some corporate moral standards.

These are our suggestions to the people of Earth. We just want to make the sea and the land cleaner. We do not collect money for the sake of money, we have very specific goals and very specific means of achieving them.

We are not obliged to give anyone the information constituting our trade secrets without payment and without the appropriate approval of the copyright holders.

We are not a government, but a private commercial corporation. We are not interested in the faith of our employees, their sexual preference, their political views, their gender, age, the color of skin or eyes, their nationality or language, their citizenship.

We are not engaged in illegal activities and will not engage in it. The ban includes the sale and distribution of weapons, any drugs containing drugs, prostitution, trafficking in human beings or their organs, some information not directly related to our activities, any kind of deception, theft and fraud and other illegal actions morality.

We are only interested in cleaning the sea and land from plastic and other dirt, our work interests us and nothing more. Specifically, today it is the purchase and supply of the first lot. Behind him will be the following lots and clusters, units and other tasks that we have to solve.

We will be grateful for the help of any government, party or a private company, we will place your paid advertisements that do not go against the law and morality everywhere on the vessels and in our future films, online publications, and printed materials.

Relationship with commercial firms.

1. We are not competitors. Not only this, create such structures yourself and for any help to us, we will adequately help you. Especially we are not competitors to fuel and manufacturing firms and corporations. Not only this, we will be happy to cooperate with you, this will remove from us a whole mountain of problems with the sale of finished products, which we don’t want to deal with, and for your help in our common business, we offer excellent prospects for receiving profits, getting a real place for the experienced development of new products technology and we ask you for reasonable assistance and understanding.

2. We will also be useful to any crewing or shipowners, ship operators, fishing companies. We will gladly cooperate with you and always agree on any type of cooperation with any private or public company. Crewing can count on shares in our business and on jobs for many professionals, both marine and many other specialties, shipping companies are also interested in energy carriers, fishing companies are often idle for a long time and they could work with us, not trawls, but other tools, very similar design, but leaving alive the fish resources of the planet.

Ask your questions, make your suggestions and we will gladly take all the values from your advice.

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